Danelectro Hash Browns Flanger Reviews 4

I've aquired it about a year ago, when someone stole me a DOD Stereo Flanger after a gig. Due to my urge, and my small budget, I had to buy this pedal, for about $30 at musician's friend.

One Word: CHEAP. the DOD pedal costed me about $60, and this little baby costed me half the price. The sound was exactly like the DOD (And most of the FX Processors). It's also small and made of plastic, which makes it light weighted, Totally NOT like the DOD. Try to imagine, carrying the DOD Flanger, A Grunge, a Big Muff, an Ice Box, A Digital Delay, A Morley Bad Horsie, a Tubescreamer, and power supplies. It's like dragging a stone. Of course it doesn't make much difference if carry it in the bag, but I think you won't believe me... It actually makes difference. I also liked the rugged bottom.

As I said, "SMALL AND MADE OF PLASTIC". lately, I had a little accident and i dropped it. Now, in the end of every cycle, it makes a huge Noise, so loud, it gave me a headache. Also, If you want to put a battery in a hurry, forget it. In your dreams. You could never put a 9V battery in less than 5 minutes. I mean, you need a coin or a screw driver to loose the tap, and then put the battery on, and then tight the screw, again.

MADE OF PLASTIC. SMALL BUTTON. A pretty rugged bottom. The knobs are waaaaaay too small for giving a quick config to your sound.

There are three Reasons of why buying this pedal: 1.- No money. 2.- Need one bad, and 3.- You don't know what the hell a flanger does and you're mean (and cheap) to find it out.

Gabriel Lepe rated this unit 3 on 2002-12-05.

Got it at Guitar Center for $30.

I tried many, many flanger pedals, some of them being 100 dollars, and Dano sounded just as good as the expensive ones! It gets great jet sounds, and almost UFO like sounds aswell. It is pocket sized so its easy carrying. Also had a plastic knob protector.

Trying to open the back to replace a battery is a pain. And the little knob to press on to turn on and off isn't very big.

Made of metal. It is a good quality. And the shape is pretty cool. And it is a mini sized pedal, and thats cool cause I can go to my friends with it safe in my pocket. Hehe

If you want great flanger effects but don't want to have to buy those 100 dollar ones, Buy a Dano. It's an excellent pedal

Brian W. rated this unit 4 on 2002-02-24.

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