Danelectro Nola Night Fuzz Reviews 5

I bought the Nola Night Fuzz directly from Kuciel Electronics. I think their website is: http://www.kucielelectronics.homestead.com I paid $135 U.S. which included shipping. I live in LA.

I like the distortion and the fuzz sounds I can get. I really like the point to point wiring, true bypass, and low noise of the Nola Night Fuzz.

The color yellow is not my style.

Very heavy duty steel casing. Point to point wiring, true bypass, low noise, etc. The pots are great quality pots as arer the input and output jacks. Everything is very good.

My crappy Boss pedal broke. I wasn't too happy with the sound I got out of the Metal Zone. I wanted a pedal that could do both low and high gain distortion and sickening Fuzz. The NOLA NIGHT FUZZ was the only pedal that could do this for me. I ordered it directly from Kuciel Electronics and viola I am in tonal heaven. It reminds me of Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face but with more versatility and even a more intense fuzz. Where's my Boss Metal Zone? In the garbage.

Chris Wallace rated this unit 5 on 2001-08-14.

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