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This is the tiny bright yellow tremelo pedal made by Danelectro. Following the vintage diner theme, this pedal was dubbed the Tuna Melt. Knobs from left to right: Speed, Hard or Soft and Depth. Now I've noticed the original pedals has a switch for Hard or Soft, but well mine broke off and I assume everyone else's did too and that is why they updated it to the knob.

I was interested in picking up a tremelo pedal to get that 50s country tone and this was priced at $40 compared to the Boss for twice the price.

The sounds are great. Danelectro really put some thought into the designs of the guts of these pedals. I can get a very fast trem or a slow one. Mix in a little chorus and you can mock the Leslie sound of the old Hammond organs. It's not perfect, but hey it gets you in the ballpark.

Well Danelectro seems to have taken a hint and upgraded the switch. Ultimately I'd like to re-house mine in a sturdier box with a manlier switch. Danelectro could have done this, but then the price would have shot up.

Mediocre construction. These pedals need to be babied. They sound great, but can't handle much abuse.

If you want to pack a few budget tricks up your sleeve, this is the tremelo pedal to buy!

Billy rated this unit 4 on 2011-01-11.

It's a yellow mini-effects foot pedal with speed and depth controls, and a hard soft switch. I usually use the soft setting. I've been performing in public since the 1970's, have played in folk music groups, bluegrass bands, country rock bands, in dance bands, in experimental electronic groups, and in pub rock bands, as well as performing solo and in duos.

I bought the tuna melt in Japan about five years ago, at a discount store. I cannot remember how much I paid, but it was very inexpensive.

It has a rich and lovely sound. You can vary the effects from sweetly shimmering and nostalgic, to deely throbbing and bluesy.

Changing batteries is a bit awkward, but nothing to complain about. The pedal switch is sometimes hard to feel if you are playing seated and wearing boots.

It is very well made, with good solid construction.

The tuna melt is the only pedal I still use, since focusing almost exclusively on acoustic playing. It has a great sound, and adds authority to the even the simplest songs. Everyone who hears it wants to know what it is, and even the purist folkies say Keep it on.

gomofly rated this unit 5 on 2010-02-12.

i got this item by asking my mom if she can take me to a music store, so then she went around the city and then i tell het to stop because i seen a downey music center, i go in and just buy the cheapest($) pedal and when i got home i tryed it then i ended upu not liking the way it sounds, the pedal i bought was $45.00

i like the looks, the shape, and it can fit in your pocket, and it was cheap

i do not like the sound, the color, and the switches. the speed and the depth

i think i am going to trade it back one day and save my money for a bass guitar better

Anthony rated this unit 1 on 2004-01-05.

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