DeArmond S73 Reviews 5

I bought this guitar new at guitar store. I bought because I really liked the feel of it and it looked awesome. I bought for about $400.00, but it was on sale. It lists for about $750.00

I love the feel of the board. It has got great sound, 2 humbuckers. And it just looked great too. The general apearance of the guitar is like that of a Gibson SG. Mine's an emerald green color with silver and gold hardware. This is definitely a great guitar for anybody who can afford it. I would put it up there with Les Paul's and many like it.

There's really nothin that I don't like about it. Mine has a slightly...well for lack of a better word "twangy" string. but Im sure that thats just mine, not the whole model.

This is definitely a well made guiter. It doesn't have a light feel of a cheeper guitar, you know where you feel like you could break it with your bare hands. Its pretty heavy. Aside from that I have had mine for about half a year. I play it every day. I only have to tune it about every three days. And I havn't had any other problems with screws or any other hardware.

I love this guitar and I highly reccomend it to anyone

Byron Boyce rated this unit 5 on 2001-07-04.

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