Dean RSE Supreme Reviews 5

I got my Dean from in OKC, OK. I live here, so I visited the shop. I actually traded an old Telecaster neck for this guitar, so it cost me nothing. That said -- I was willing to put in a few hundred to get a higher end guitar.

I am not an accomplished guitar player, but I shopped a lot of guitars before picking the Dean. The dealer had Taylors, Martins, Ovations, Tacomas, etc. in stock and I played them all. The sound of the Dean equalled all other acoustic/electrics. The look of the Dean surpassed them all.

The Dean I bought had medium strings on it,so I thought the action would be rough, but light strings fixed that. It plays wonderfully. It does need another strap peg. I might get it adjusted one of these days. Most flaws I have encountered in sound are attributed to my playing. I can't find any fault with the guitar.

This is an incredibly beautiful guitar. I have looked it over and found no flaws. All of the inlays are seamless. Inside is clean. For what I know about guitars, it's awesome.

I am bored with "guitar bigots" who think you're an idiot if you don't shell out $3,000 for a guitar. For someone like me who plays on his couch, it is an amazing guitar. I love it. I can't imagine liking a guitar better. If I ever do play for anyone, I have no doubt that it will sound as good to them as it does to me. If you are an accomplished player, you ought to check the Dean out.

Tom D. rated this unit 5 on 2003-09-12.

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