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I found this Dean 'Zen' Guitar on eBay... I was the only one that bid on this guitar... I paid $549 with custom guitar case included... List price is $1125.00... This was my first purchase on eBay and it was very good experience. No problems at all.

I really like the way this guitar looks... It is amazing... It's a mystical experience... The overall color makes you think of bamboo... And it has a very pleasant sound as well... A balanced sound, with good midrange in acoustic mode. It has a 'Fishman Classic 4' preamp which shapes the sound to your liking when you plug it in.

I can't really find anything I don't like about the 'Zen' Guitar...

The quality is amazing... Maple back and sides... The back looks like a hologram it has so much depth... I had to touch it to see if it was flat and smooth... Maple fret board with laser cut rosewood inlays of Chinese script... The seven characters are - Peace, Beauty, Wisdom, Grace, Courage, Clarity, Enlightenment... The rosewood inlay around the sound hole has a "I Ching" thing happening... A solid Sitka spruce top... Mine has a Sitka Spruce Bearclaw top... Which I mistakenly thought was a defect in the wood, until I went on the web and found Bearclaw Spruce is a good thing.

This is a keeper... The custom case is very well made... The wood chosen for this guitar is all top notch, and beautiful to look at... The Chinese 'Zen' motif is unique to say the least... I have never seen a guitar like this... Because it is so unusual it may only appeal to certain folks... "What's the sound of one hand?" The 'Zen' guitar has the answer.

MotorcycleMonk rated this unit 5 on 2004-05-20.

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