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I play mainly fretless bass guitar, in two outfits with no drummers, so my tone is very audible, especially in the duo setting. So, I took an interest in this Pace upright, especially cuz of its very thick neck, which helps produce a''upright bass'' bass effect.

I never bought one cuz every used one I encounter has some problem or other, including the weird hum mentioned in another review on this site. Other problems have been a very quiet string or even a dead string ... meaning quiet or dead piezo sensors.


Size, shape, and sound [whn it's working ... ]

Too many problems. Also, lacks individual gain trimmer pots for each string. Also, I've took one of the ailing examples apart and found some shabby stuff in there.

Nice hunk of wood and sturdy stand. If you can get a sickly one for about $25 and re-do everything with non-Dean components .... naw ... just buy a decent low-priced EUB from some other company.

I wrote this mainly to let others know that I've tried multiple times with this model, cuz it does have its attractive elements, mainly sound and shape, but you really ought to look elsewhere. I'm rating it a '1' which means ''forget about it''.

Golem rated this unit 1 on 2010-08-05.

I found this unit on Ebay, being auctioned out of a Pawn Shop somewhere in the States. I won it for what I thought was a reasonable price(compared with the new list price. I paid $400 approx. and great....hope this thing is as described...suppoede to be as new. When I finally got the bass, I live in Portugal,I was clobbered with the local import duty tax bill of $200! I bought a used unit for nearly new price.Oh well, it looked great,as described. Now to plug it in....

When I first plugged it in...horror! A nasty ground hum type buzzing...get this...when I touched the strings. No bass sound at all coming out of the amp. I had loads of electronics buffs pear over the thing but to no avail. Then I read, on yet another review, some guy with a similar problem who simply changed his strings. I did as suggested and hey presto...sound! and a great sound with zero noise. I figured that with steel strings there is tendency for oxidization to occer between the strings and the point of contact with the Piezo pick-ups. However, this will be cured when i finally fit my nylon tapewounds.

Ecxellent construction and general quality is good

Luigi rated this unit 5 on 2008-05-09.

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