Dean Classical Guitars Reviews 5

$275 at a music store

i know a LOT about guitars and these are well built guitars. they can take a lot of abuse, i take mine around on the subway in very cold temperatures and they don't crack and the necks don't wig out. they are not top notch for serious classical players but what serious classical guitarist uses an onboard piezo pickup anyway? these are great rugged instruments for live gigs and the intonation is good. i recommend them highly.

the machine heads aren't really great. the top is mabey too heavily braced but they have to do that in case someone wants to use high tension strings.

very nicely built. very rugged. very durable finish.

no professional classical player is gonna buy any guitar with an onboard piezo so why even try to compare these instruments with guitars of that cabliber? these guitars are in a class of their own. good reliable road worthy work horses that you aren't gonna use in a critical studio application.

art rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-11.

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