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i paid like 600 or something for it i don't remember. i got it at verondas music in K3 IL I wanted a phantom ml but it didn't work out that way for some reason.

It looks kinda cool and i always liked the ml. it plays decently. the pickups do have a cool 'sound' to them you can recognize it definately a slashy kinda grating sound cuz they're rails or blades. i got it with the last pair of new school dean blades in the world that dean guitars had actually but, i didn't really want them i wanted the older blades that were wavey if ya know what i mean. I like that it's got the nice set neck and the bound neck and body. Also the extra large vintage headstock design is cool. It's a cool guitar.

the pickups gotta go no top end whatsoever. the setup it came with stunk had it for months and still working on that. Can't put an ml in a normal rack lest it's upside down! And leaving that aside the finish won't stay clean for nothing so it always looks all finger printed and dirty. The neck is insufferably slow, And every time i pick it up it's out of tune! And i hang it up so it comes into contact with nothing!

The darnedest thing! it has a friggin dent in it's cheap flimsy body. I have a rolling desk chair here. And i had the guitar sitting next to me leaning against the desk i rolled the chair into it a lil bit and the thing dented! it's not even wood or something i don't know if its semi-hollow or what but i am so mad i think this guitar kinda stinks a lil bit i woundn't get it again no way.

I'd rather have a fernandes raven elite right now i couldv'r got one but i opted for this cuz i'm a fool sometimes i guess. i just wanted an ml i would get a phantom ml off ebay or something if i got one again but the 79 vintage sucks and it has silver hardware i may fix it up though and if i ever get it to whare i like it i'll write back and tell you all about it ok

Darren James rated this unit 3 on 2003-12-16.

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