Dean Avalanche MQ, Black Quilt Reviews 5

I bought this guitar from Mar-Cole Music in bloomingdale Illinois. It was my first guitar, and I am extremely happy with it. (as a matter of fact, if I had a dean cap, i could wear it always just to advertise the product; however, plays great in both lead and rythm modes. Balance is great and looks are unbelievable. It is a shame that Dean discontinued the black quilt model. Maybe mine will now become a collectors' item? I paid $300.00. This was my "first" in a series of 8 guitars, and I am shopping now for number 9; a dean Del Sol in red flame from Mar-cole. (told the wife that 8 was an unlucky number!)

Everthing: it has two single and one humbucker pickup, quilted black top with a mother of pearl MOP pick guard, grover tuners, and great sustain. This is my main axe, although I am just a student at age 54. (Guitars are cheaper than a Harley!!) And I intend to another Dean very shortly. Thank you Dean Guitars for starting me out on the right track.

Let's see: Can't really think of anything!

Excellant quality Although I would like a factory spec sheet for this Axe.

In summary: I am now shopping for my second Dean guitar.

John Alvino rated this unit 5 on 2004-08-17.

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