Diana 70's SG Copy Reviews 5

I traded it with a friend for my Epiphone SG, value about 275$

He, just about everything, try comparing any 70s guitar to the pieces of shit they make these kind of days. It has a very rich and clean sound, like it got soul. Loads better than the "tin-can" sound out of modern guitars. It also has original Gibson pickups in it, really nice :)

Nothing much really, compared to any other guitar I have played, this is the best.

It's not in "mint" condition, but its good overall, still needs some fixes, but nothing seirous, its still holding after 30 years.

A very good guitar. I can recomend a 70s guitar to anybody. This one is proberly chep compared to other guitars from the same age, but still kicks ass!

Erik rated this unit 5 on 2003-09-13.

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