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I was looking for a pedal board that wasn't too big. I first tried the Boss-ME33 at Long & Mcquade in Vancouver, Canada. Took it back after a day. I looked at the Digitech, and liked the fact that I could turn off effects, Delay, Stompbox and switch amplifiers, without cahngijng patches, thereby avoiding the annoying cutting-out of the guitar signal between switching. It was $500,- Canadian. Which I thought was a pretty good deal. Even if I only used the tuner, delay and chorus effects, it was worth it. I spent a couple of hours reprogramming the presets for rehearsal the next day. Most of the time I spent dialing in the dsitrotion. I went in the next day, hooked it up to the Fender vibrolux. I play a '72 tele. And it sounded awesome. I am exetremely happy with the board.

What I really like is that you can tell it, how you will be hooking it up, and it changes the output characteristics. I dialed in the "Gtr input, 2x12", plugged into the amp. Great sound. I like the realtime control of the effects, delay, stompbox and amp switching. As well as the extensive programming of the expression pedal, that can be linked to numerous parameters of the effects. Also one really cool feature is the V-switch on the Exprerssion peadl. If you use the V-switch, it will turn the pedal into a wah.

So far, I like everything

Construction looks and feels really solid.

I think it is a great unit. I think it would be cool if they could incorporate the "Learn-A-Lick" function, so you could use it as a mini phrase sampler for live. Maybe in a future software update they could change that. Also, It would be cool if the V-switch could be programmed also. So you could have a volume pedal, that can be switched to some other pre-programmed parameter.

Henchman rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-10.

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