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Natural mahogany with a flamed finish on the body. Dark stained rosewood fretboard, and aluminium spider and cone under chromed steel grill. Fishman concealed low impedance pickup in bridge assembly, with endpin jack the only outward sign. 12 fret neck. I have played for about 38 years, primarily as an electric player, but I do use acoustics for unplugged performance and practice. I just play open mic nights these days, although I do love being in bands. I mostly play hard rock, blues and country rock, all of which styles I can use slide guitar in. .

Smooth tone, reasonably good action, although, as purpose built slide guitars, very low is not to be expected. Looks good, too.

12-fret neck is a throwback to learner guitar days. The Fishman pickup is not properly compatible with standard guitar amp inputs, and it is difficult to get a good amplified sound. The intonation is poor on the low strings at the high frets.

Flawless build. Nothing looks sloppy or flimsy anywhere. Feels really classy.

my new #1 acoustic

Dave Rotherham rated this unit 3 on 2011-10-22.

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