Doepfer Musikelektronik Pocket Fader Reviews 5

This was purchased from to used with Emagic and Reaktor software for $229

It makes editing parameters a snap after setting it up. With 16 faders I set up one preset to use about four knobs each with the essentials of each program I have running. It doesn't take up much space which makes it easy to velcro to my keyboard.

Would be nice if I could call up a preset quicker. Sending it program changes for presets is a little out of the way but I haven't needed to use it with different presets yet.

The case is made with steal and feels solid. The faders have a smooth feel to them when moved and don't feel like they could break off. I've had times in live situation where I had to jump over to the fader from where I was standing to make a move at the last second and just about took out about four faders. Thankfully nothing happend and they still work without a glitch.

I've only had it for about two months with no problems. A friend has the Pocket Control working with Soundfont without any problems. I highly recomend it. If you work with someting like Reaktor or Reason and one part of the screen is up but you want to make a change to something somewhere else and not loose your place or just plain get tired of trying to grab the window sliders this is the solution.

imix rated this unit 5 on 2001-07-15.

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