Drive HSS 102 electric guitar Reviews 3

I got this guitar at musicians friend for 70 bucks which is a good deal for a starter guitar.

i like the color of this thing. it looks pretty cool. and also, the humbucking pickup is awesome. it has alot of output and sounds sweet on your amp's lead channel.

basically everything else. the single coil pickups pick up horrible fret buzz so i dont even use them. you can even hear the fret buzz on the humbucking when the volume is low. also the wood for the neck is really cheap and its hard to play fast on.

well i got to admit its pretty cool for a cheap guitar but like i said the fret buzz is just aweful. but let me tell you, i got this thing about a week ago, and its still in tune! the neck is bolt on and thats ok i guess, but hey, its a 70 dollar guitar.

well anyway, if you absolutely have to then get this guitar. i like how it sounds with the humbucker and you might too. but if you have about 80 more bucks...get a squier at least.

Jack Squat rated this unit 3 on 2004-07-20.

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