Drive S101 Standard Guitar and Amp Package Reviews 4

I paid $89.99 for the Guitar and Amp at Musicians

A good beginners guitar, but I think experienced guitar players would enjoy playing this guitar. The bonuses are it comes with a Tremolo bar, 3 pickups, 2 tone controls, volume, and 5 way switching. It also comes with two allen wrenches for the truss rod and bridge. It is sturdy, and comes in several color variations from standard Black/White, to a totally cool starburst finish. The guitar is no heavier than others I have played. All in all, a very good guitar for beginners and experienced guitarists alike. The CD100 amp, like the guitar, is built by Drive, and is also a very good, sturdy unit. It comes with a 6 1/2 inch speaker, Gain control, 3 Band equalizer, one guitar input, and a headphone output. The amp is compact, which makes it light and easy to carry around. It likes to be turned up loud, which I personally like, but the neighbors might wish I got a Playstation 2 or something.

The guitar doesn't have a gig bag, and no guitar strap. The cable that comes with it is undersized, length and thickness wise. The guitar comes in a cardboard box, which is okay when it was shipped, but doesn't hold up well in the long run. This may sound weird, but the amp, when first pulled out of the box, had a very strong odor, which I did not care for. It is not a musty smell, but just from the brand new materials. I had difficulties in dealing with it at first, but after a while, it dissipates.

For a low priced Guitar and Amp Package, the construction is actually quite nice. Unlike some other cheepo guitars, this one comes with a truss rod through the neck, so it can be adjusted. The workmanship is very fine, the finish on the guitar is consistant, no ripples or dull spots, all the screws and such were tight, (I check all of this stuff, just in case). The amp is equally well produced.

The is a fine Guitar and Amp. If you are looking for a good quality guitar for a low price, then get the S100 Guitar and CD100 Amp package, you will not be dissapointed.

Jonathan S. Keffer, Guitarist and car junkie rated this unit 4 on 2003-12-26.

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