Drive CD 300 8G Reviews 3

Purchased from Musician's Friend for $100

A very inexpensive solution to 'acoustic monotony'. The 8 digital effects add some variety, without having to purchase 8 different effects pedals. I wanted a basic amp to play an acoustic guitar through, as I am unable to purchase a 'real' electric guitar at the moment. Works well in practice and rehearsal situations. The 30 watts are plenty to keep up with a drum set, keyboard, and bass.

Sometimes, the effects don't always work. All it usually takes is shutting the amp off for a second or two, and turning it back on. The distortion is your average, run-of-the-mill, cheap amp distortion. Definately no Marshall genes in this baby. But, it works in a pinch, for broke musicians like myself.

Fine construction. Heavy and rugged. Looks cool, and with the exceptions of the effects problem(s), and the distortion, quality is OK.

I have owned and played a Fender acoustic for around 12 years now, and wanted to add a little something different while I'm saving up for my SG. *grin* Overall, the Drive works well for the time being. Not the one I'd pick unless you just need a stand-by, or something to hold you over. Go for the Marshall.

ChewyLaddie rated this unit 3 on 2004-09-17.

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