Drive CD30R amp Reviews 3

I got this thing at musicians friend for around 80 bucks and it was the biggest one i could afford. it has reverb and everything.

I like the second channel, the "lead" channel. also this amp can get pretty loud when you crank it.

well this amp seems to pick alot of fret buzz but i think thats mostly the guitars pickups. but when you turn it on it makes a low buzzing sound, which helps you know its actually on but its not something you really want to hear. also, i got this thing and put up the reverb and it didnt even work! even all the way....nothing.

well its an o.k. starter amp to have but if you get this amp, get the one without reverb because it probably wont work. Also, be aware that this thing isnt even as loud as other 30w amps because i think they round the wattage measure up.

Like i said it's a good starter amp but when you get good, get a better one.

Jack Squat rated this unit 3 on 2004-07-20.

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