Drum Workshop Pacific CX Blue Onyx Drums Reviews 5

Guitar Center in San Marcos for $600.00 not including the other items I purchased to go with it. Bought it since I've had the same Black Pearl Exports for a decade and I felt it was time for an upgrade.

The kit looks and sounds awesome. My old kit(Pearl Export) was great too but obviously not of the same caliber. I threw on some Remo Pinstripes on the toms and an Emperor X on the snare. I tuned them right up and got a great sound immediately. My bassist said our band was now "twice as cool" with this drumset! The snare has a lot of versatility. I honestly can't believe that it is a wood snare. I can get it to sound like a steel shell depending on the tuning!

Stock heads are crap but then again that's how they were for my exports and for most drums in general. I have to replace the Bass Drum batter since I wanted to see what I could do with the heads it came with (no dice). It's just lame that you buy a new drumset but you have to throw down another $50 (I got a deal from my salesman) on quality heads. The snare throwoff seems a tad cheap as well (but it does its job!).

Constructed extremely well. Wrap finish is pretty much flat all the way around. The color is great! Mounts, lugs and hardware are all well crafted. I've never owned a kit with true drum mounts (as opposed to drilled shells). Bearing edges were flat and the drums all tuned very easily (except BD, see above). Drums are all of very high quality and the employees of this company are to be commended on such a fine product.

For the money I feel like I got a great value. I picked up some stands and other various items and now my older equipment looks revitalized. Need to pick up the add on drums so I can do some great Mike Portnoy impressions. The sound of these drums is great! I guess knowing how to tune helps. My band members thought the kit was great too. I played a gig after owning this kit for four days and I was complimented by several strangers (including the sound guy at the club!) on the appearance and sound. Just make sure to buy new drumheads with the kit, you will not be disappointed otherwise!

marclaurence2000 rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-22.

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