Drum Workshop Pacific EX 5pc. Reviews 5

I recently purchased DW's Pacific EX 5piece from a large musical instrument chain, and paid approximately $750 dollars for it and all of the cymbals (Sabian B8 performance pack) and hardware.

This kit, in my opinion, lives up to what to expect from Drum Workshop. The Pacific line, being DW's lower end models, cost considerably less than the actual DW kits. Yet the fit and finish is excellent and the hardware that I received with the kit (Pacific 800 series hardware) is sturdy and affordable. The kit itself came out of the box with decent heads, which will save a few bucks by not having to replace them off the bat. The drums are nicely finished and the drum edges form a decent seal all the way around the head.

The only complaint I have about this setup is that the bass pedal that was purchased with the kit did not seem as sturdy as the rest of the hardware. However, adjusting the tension spring and a little bit of other tweaking do render it a playable piece of equipment.

The kit is very sturdy. I have not owned it long enough to attest to the durability of the kit, but with all things considered, it seems able to take a lot of abuse and I feel good enough about it to say that I feel that this kit will last a long time.

I believe that a beginning or intermediate player would be thoroughly pleased owning this set. The price is good, quality great, and it is aesthetically pleasing. I personally would take this set over any other set that is comparable to a Pearl Export series.

S. Bernhard rated this unit 5 on 2001-09-08.

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