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ive been playing for 24 years, play Christian bands, opened for major artist such as matthew west and sonicflood and at rage fest 2006 in phoenix az. i love hard rock and inspirational music, love bands like spoken, pillar, project 86, david crowder, shane and shane.

i already had and still have a 5pc dw satin oil kit, its black on black. i went to a local sam ash store and just looked at it and thought it was beautiful, but then as i was leaving, i turned around and decided to play it for a minute, and that was it,I WAS SOLD!!!!!! the kit sounded incredible, unlike any other kit i had ever played. iv owned yamaha maple customs and tama maple starclassics, and there is just no comparrison what so ever. then i went to guitar center last week and saw the new vertical exotic series kit in the red gum finish and just couldnt believe how beautiful and unique and classy it looked, i didnt even have to play it to see how it sounded, i just new in my heart that it was going to sound incredible, and it does, its just incredible. the kit cost me 5,300.00 and to me was worth every penny, thats just for 5 shells, no hardware was included.

i love everything about the kit, ive had other professional kits, the best that tama and yamaha make, and to me theres just no comparrison, ill never go back to playing another brand, iv tried and i just cant, the only time im happy when im playing and get the sound i want and need is when im sitting behind a set of dw's, they have a very distinct tone to them that i love, i played my satin oil kit on a very serious sound system at a recent show with other national recording artist, and the kit sounded just sick, it had attack like no other kit iv ever heard, and also had such clarity, simply stunning to say the least, i often play back video's of that show just to hear them, good stuff indeed.

the only thing i cant stand is having to move them around to do gigs and shoes and stuff,because im always afraid there going to get stratched, i know it sounds stupid, but these drums, are like show room stuff, they look like they should be behing glass casing on display some where. the red gum vertical exotic kit has to be seen in person, its a thing of beauty. i find myself staring at it all of the time, admiring the craftsmanship and skill, talent and time that went into making this kit, im blessed to have.

all i can say is that the drums and hardware are just flawless, i havent had a single issue with any dw product that iv ever owned, the drums and hardware and sound of these drums is simply unmatched. no questioned asked! the tamas and yamahas i had were great kits, but they just dont compare, im proud to be an owner and endorser of dw.

dw is an incredible drum company that builds drums that are simply unmatched by any other drum manufacturer. you feel like you have a kit that was personally built for you, to meet you needs, a kit that meets those needs, no questions asked! it sounds nuts, but theres something that just seems personal about these drums. like there a part of me.

chaz palandra rated this unit 5 on 2006-04-24.

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