EMU (Creative) Emu-1820M Reviews 4

I bought this interface at Guitar Center in Austin, TX. I paid $541.24 after tax.

The hardware. What can I say? It has 18 inputs, and 20 outputs. I don't know about you guys, but that's a massive load for any soundcard in a home/project studio, and I wouldn't be surprised if I saw this in a commercial recording studio. Let's start off with the PCI cards, wordclock sync I/Os, SMPTE I/Os, S/PDIF I/Os, ADAT Opticial I/Os, Firewire I/O, MTC I/O, and a EDI Output for the Audio Dock(Breakout Box). The PCI card features some great A/D/A converters, the same converters that are on the Protools HD 192 system. This is right under the Lynx2 in my opinion, but for the price it could never be beaten. DSP chip so it takes the load off your CPU for effects. The audio dock has 2 Midi I/Os, 2 Mic Pre-AMPS(TFPro Pre-amps), an optical S/PDIF out, and on the back of the dock, 6 balanced analog inputs, 8 balanced analog outputs, 4 stereo speaker outputs, the Edi connector, and the 2nd pair of midi I/Os. The pre-amps aren't the best pre-amps available, but compared to my Presonus Tubepre, they made me give the Presonus away...for free. Comes with 48v phantom that powers both sides. While working on sessions, I have what so ever no problems. The sound is the best thing about this recording interface, it sounds so professional. With my AT3035 and M-Audio Luna, and Roland DR-20...the sound is clear, crisp, and low noised.

The software...the Patchmix is still in the works of updates, so this isn't really an issue. Although it does need better WDM drivers, this is PERFECT for recording, and not for CONSUMER purposes. This is a Pro Audio product, if you want a consumer go buy a Soundblaster.

The construction is nice. The audio dock is built tough, does get a bit warm, but thats due to the pre-amps and all the I/Os...no deficiency yet. I love it :) Easy breeze to install. No problem with the construction of this unit.

The Emu-1820m is a must get for anybody who wants PRO quality at a low price. Or PRO quality and ease of use. Or PRO quality cuz you want PRO quality. haha...this card is mos def the illest.

Sho Nuff rated this unit 4 on 2004-08-18.

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