ESP LTD B-104 Fretless Reviews 5

I went to Mars Music during a sale and bought it for a litlle over 279 dollars brand new but it is listed at 399. I always wanted a bass and this bass was perfect

Where can I began I love the fretless bass because u dont have to worry about hand position as much and insted consintrate on making great music. Its not that heavy but has enough meat to make a good sound.l The rosewood neck is nice i really like it. I also like the two soapbar pickups they sound so good for a beginer bass. I also like how it has no pick guard because bass pick guards are ugly.

HMMM I dont like the bolt-on neck and the fact thet there is no pick guard to protect the finish(i like contradicting myself) I also do not like that there is no profesional version of this bass

Special Features: LTD LDJ & LDP Pickups Construction/Scale: Bolt-on/34" Body: Basswood Neck/Fingerboard: Maple/Rosewood Inlays: Dots w/model name @ 12th fret Hardware: Black Bridge: LTD Deluxe Bass Binding: None Frets: 24 XJ Electronics: 2 volumes, 1 tone Color:Black It has a unique tone and plays excelent.

Its the best bass for the price I recomend it for all users esecially beginers

Matt rated this unit 5 on 2002-07-26.

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