Eden WTDI Wold Traveler DI Reviews 5

This is a super compact all in one preamp and DI from Eden. Some will argue that for $149 you can get the coveted 'Eden Sound' I don't have much experience with Eden amps, but I am very pleased with this unit.

I was very excited upon hearing about this pedal. I took the first chance I got to drop $149.99 on it.

Number one; IT COMES WITH A POWER SUPPLY. So many times have I ordered a pedal, felt like a child on Christmas morning when I found the pedal shipped to my doorstep just to realize I'm going to have to head out to the music shop the next day to buy the non-included power supply. Now that I've trumped up the power supply, I will discuss the tone. It features the standard Bass, Middle and Treble options with a notch mid boost and a bass boost. The bottom row of knobs features a pre/post gain, compressor and enhance knob. The Enhance Knob is more or less a mid scoop, but I find it useful when used sparingly. The Compressor isn't too in-depth, but it does a good job offering the basic 'tightening up' of your dynamics.

The only thing I am left wanting is a little bit of overdrive. I have not been able to achieve a usable overdrive from it, but the nature of Eden is hi-fi, loud and clean.

Compact. 4.5' x 3.5' to be exact. It will take up very little real estate on your pedalboard. The chassis is a nice, rock solid metal. The knobs and jacks feel sturdy. The bypass switch is true bypass The DI is very usable without any unwanted noise.

A great utility tool to have in your gig bag to make that backline pop. Take your average bass tone and give it a little extra.

Billy rated this unit 5 on 2011-09-25.

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