Encore Black Strat Reviews 2

I quite like the finish, nicely put together, the fret board is nice, its good to start off with, and learn.

I don't like the quality of the pick-ups, they hum, and sound terrible. But that is understandable, for the price you pay. Also the back of the neck where the neck is joined to the fret the body, there is a black mark, I wasen't happy about that.

The qualoty overall is quite good, I quite like the quality, its just those to, points I said. I quite like head-stock, its better shaped than, a Fender. (my opinion)

I would recomend this guitar for, begginners, but when u get better, u can go out and buy urself a really expensive guitar.

Richard Smith rated this unit 2 on 2003-12-15.

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