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I aquired this at argos (hey it was my first guitar!) and cost me a ridiculas 170 pounds!(For 30 pounds more i could've bought a fender strat! god dam)I've tried a lot of the encore electric guitars, so in this review i'm talking about encore electric guitars on a whole.

I don't like anything about it except that(thank God) it actually plays with and without the amp. I'm suprised that it hassn't fallen apart yet, pile of shit.

I hate everything about the shity guitar. You tune it in and after 2 seconds it goes out of tune! Beware! About 1 month that you've had the guitar the tuning pegs look like there going to pop out of the head stock and bloody hell! What's the point of putting volume knobs on a guitar if they don't even bloody work!! The whole guitars a piece of shit! Oh yeah, the nut comes loose every now 'n' then! Piece of shit.

There is no cunstruction and quality of of this guitar. A man with no arms or legs(no offence to anyone)could've built a much better guitar than this! I now own a epiphone les paul and BOY! you can tell the difference. I actually feel like i can play well and the quality of the guitar helps you play better. The encore you just feel like smashing the thing!

Piece of crap! Don't go near one, for your own good. If you do get to play one in a shop(which ever shop is crazy enough to sell encores) have some curtecy and try not to smack it on the ground and stamp on it etc.(you know the rest)

Farzy Warzy rated this unit 1 on 2004-09-24.

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