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Sure, been playing/poking around for over 20 years. Semi working band now.

This lil' thing I acquired 1991. Sanded the black paint off to it's "natural" plywood finish. Put some gloss on it, 'cause I was lazy. Put a Dimarzio Super Dist. Humbucker in it. For those who don't know, a Fender Lead I is a smaller scale, smaller shaped Strat style electric with only one hum, in the bridge spot, one volume and one tone, a out of phase switch, and a split coil. This Encore version, I ripped out the tone knob, it had no split coil/out of phase switch, so it was bare bones hum and volume knob. Took off the orig. neck, and put a Series 10 Charvel style neck on it. Put some Ping sealed tuners, 6 in line, on it. Maple/Rsewd. Played well. Used to abuse the guitar; I had a Jake E Lee/Badlands fetish at the time, and did all his guitar tricks. They were around at that time, saw their concerts, and did my tribute. Bended the neck slightly like Jake did. I paid: $100 for the orig. guitar, $40 for the hum(used), $80 for the neck, and $50 for the luthier to assemble it all together again.

See above.

See above.

Fair; a beater guitar. Playable, though.

I sold it to buy a MX-Z Charvel Style axe. But I still miss it, and look around the pawn shops occasionally to find something similiar.

Jiver rated this unit 3 on 2007-04-04.

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