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This guitar was bought as part of a package for 150 pounds, which included a kustom 10 watt amp, strap and leads along with the guitar. I'd been playing acoustic for two years and this was supposedly a 'step up' from that.

I've been playing guitar for nearly 7 years (since i was 6) and four of those have been spent on this. Its awful! Ill start with the head stock, which has the word Encore written on it in non removaeable letters! and the tuners seem to vary in ratio, making tuning very hard. The nut is made of flimsy plastic and has basically worn down to the finger board, and theres something about the neck [well the sharpness of the un polished frets] thats horrible to play. The pickups sound terrible, they give masses of feedback and hum, are far to bassey and have no sustain AT ALL. Soloing, hammer on and pull offs, finger tapping and power chords are impossible on this guitar, so your limited to slow note work, open chords and bar chords if you dont mind them sounding horribley trebbley [seeing as the higher strings sound much louder on it]. Then the bridge! the tremolo unit only worked until i had to change the strings for the first time, then the strings just pulled the bridge right up at a 60 degree angle so the bridge had to be tightened, there fore rendering the tremolo un useable [this is the same on my friends encore as well]. And all this has been confirmed by my dad who is a professional session guitarist.

The neck has no truss rod and bends really easily, putting it instantly out of tune. The pickups brake up at hgih volume, but just about manage it seeing as ive been forced by bad circumstances to gig with this guitar, all the pik guard screws have rusted, and the nut has worn through! Absolute crap!

If your starting out with electric guitar, or if your a parent buying for a child, save some more cash and buy a mexican tele, because this is a serious waste of good money, when such wonderful guitars can be bought for onli a couple hundred more, you will really regret purchsing a guitar such as this, it just isnt good enough for a beginner or any one else. Id rate it 0 if i could

Gabriel da axe man rated this unit 1 on 2003-06-29.

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