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I like the way its so easy to use, its perfect for a bigginer (which is what i was Its not too heavy, it stays in tune pretty well and it looks pretty nice.

My guitar sometimes doesnt work with the middle pick-up, and the pickups arent that great anyway. If you dont have a decent amp, dont get this guitar cuz i played mine on a friends 'squire' amp and it sounded crap. (i use a KUSTOM amp)

Joycey rated this unit 3 on 2004-05-08.

Igot this guitar for 170 pounds at Andy simpsons with a 10 watt amp, bag, 10 piks, strap and the guitar.

I got it when i just started playing 2 years ago so it was great when i was beggining. i got a zoom707II lately which makes it sound brilliant through the tiny amp!!

The only thing i dont like is that , well, im not a begginner now and there is only certain things you can do with a stolen idea guitar made by a commpany i hadnt herd of but im fussy!! the other thing with this guitar is that it cant hammer on, well you cant hear any cool tricks which is kinda gay.

Its quite tough cos once i tried to spin it round my head like they do and it flew off into the wall but i picked it up and just kept playing and it sounded better so this guitar is for people that are stupid like me, and if you get this guitar the first thing you do is throw it against walls cos it worked for me!!

i think this is the best strat copy cos it just is so take out your dosh and get it now!

iain rated this unit 4 on 2003-03-31.

i got it, a squier amp, and accecories for 75 dollars off a friend

i like the white black white pickguard, the good sound, look and feel, weight, how good tune it holds, and basicly everything

it has a crack in the fretboard, and missing a knob, but those effect nothing but look.

in one word, great. Ive hit it on stuff, dropped it countless times, and fell on it a couple times(and im 230lbs)and it has no cracks or scratches except the fret board which was like that when i got it

ive read where other people cant hear the hammer on well, i guess they just have to wrong strings or dont hit hard enough. oh well i love it

ricky rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-23.

It has a fairly sturdy build, very versatile i.e can take its fair share of knocks and bangs. It is surprisingly nice to play and its construction is pretty much the same as a real Fender strat, only the headstock differs in shape and I would have guessed it is made of cheaper materials. Oh and it holds its tune fairly well.

As i said it is well constructed from what i can see and will withstand bumps and seems to be well put together. The only real failure in quality is again the pickups. It would sound a lot better if it had some new pickups installed but you may as well just buy a decent sounding guitar in the first place and have some nice pickups as standard.

Good beginners guitar for the price but obviously not for the more serious player, buy a standard Fender strat if you're after sound quality.

Big Bob rated this unit 2 on 2002-10-23.

Its surprisingly nice to play, once the action has been lowered! It has very similar specs to the ibanez necks(except its 21 frets) not as nice or fast as the ibanez but quite similar.

The pick ups are well poor. but what can u expect. i got a korg ax100g pedal and it sounded loads better but they still suck quite badly. they dont pick up hammer ons or pull offs or tapping very well at all. plus they create a lot of noise. hum and excess string noise.

its putt together well, and is alot better than any other starter guitar. apart from the pick ups, its cool.

begginers if ur on a budget, get this. not a squier or a conrad or summut, if wanna strat copy get this one.

Alex Haines rated this unit 3 on 2002-09-02.

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