Epiphone AJ-15E Reviews 5

Bought at a Guitar Center in northern CA. Paid $199 new. Checked out a number of competitors in the price range and it jumped right out at me. Good sound from the start, better than some at twice the price.

Good, clear bottom end for an inexpensive model. It just seemed to feel as if it should cost more. Nice finish as well.

Can't think of anything. Prone to be a bit "buzzier" than my friend's Fender acoustic, but I attribute that to rookie fingers.

Seems very well built. Holds it's state of tune well. Should be able to hand this one down to my son someday.

Highly recommended for a budget-minded "trainee" or even a more experienced skipper at the helm.

HLJjr rated this unit 5 on 2002-01-11.

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