Epiphone AJ-15E (Black) Reviews 5

I first began looking for an inexpensive acoustic/electric guitar by surfing the internet. I was offered a great deal in Ebay. The guitar only cost me $75.00 plus $25.oo for shipping. The guitar was also used with very minor scratches. However it did come with strings.

I was extreamly impressed with the cost of the guitar. Furthermore, the passive electronics was a plus on my list. When I recieved the guitar, the features ultimately exceeded my expectations. The sound quality gave out a mello tone with exceptional volume. Overall, I believe this was a great buy!

There are only minor dislikes in my review. Because the the guitar was fairly used, it contained some scratches. As mentioned from other reviewers, the guitar does create a slight buzz noise. But, with more experince, one can majorly decrease this unwanted sound. It just takes practice! Also, the Epiphone icon made the guitar seem a little bit cheaper. Furthermore, the strap knobs were made out of cheap silver plastic which also added to the "cheap effect".

In a scale of 1 to ten, I would rate the overall constructon and quality of this guitar to be an 8. Basically, the guitar was designed well making it very durable and stable. However, there were a few minor discrepancies. I did not like the plain paint job (only consisting of black and beige outlines). The frets were not precisely made with "perfection". Moreover, the guitar consisted with some cheap structures (such as the oneI described previously) with the exception of the tuners.

The tone quality, playability, and sound are awesome. Basically, the guitar was a great buy! The cost was excellent. I am however planning to buy a more expensive guitar with better electronics. I would prefer this guitar to beginners and novices who are serious about playing but are low on cash. Finally, the passive electronics add an extra bang for the buck!

Roman Sandoval rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-11.

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