Epiphone AJ40TLC Reviews 4

The guitar was purchaced slightly used in 2000 at a Mom & Pop guitar shop for $250. The Black gloss finish, alabone decor, and quality hardware were quite appealing for the price.

The guitar itself is eyecandy. The slim cutaway body is quite comfortable and allows for easy 17th fret access. The gold Gotoh tuners keep it in precise tune, and the versitile shadow pre-amp and piezo make the guitar shimmer when you plug it in.

unplugged, the guitar sounds very mucky. A severe lack of bass, too much mid, and not enough treble. Also, the strings were set up miles from the fret board.

overall, this is a fairly well built guitar. I don't know what it's retail value was new, But I certainly feel I got my moneys worth. Similar models hover in the mid $400's.

Pretty, well constructed, sounds awful unplugged, um..... pretty. It Would make a good stage companion, but i'd keep it away from the campfires and picnics.

Dave rated this unit 4 on 2004-10-01.

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