Epiphone EJ212CE Reviews 5

This excellent guitar is basically a 12-string version of the gibson J200 or epiphone eJ200 jumbo guitar. It is in VS vitage sunburst and has on board electrics so can be played amplified. I am a 40-something ex-pro guitarist who now plays mainly for pleasure with the odd gig now and then. i spent many years working in music retail and have played hundreds of guitars both good and not so good!

I got my epiphone via west end music in suffolk, uk. RRP was around £699 and i paid £579.

Positive feats- deep warm sound, classic rich ringing 12 string effect, more in your face than the standard dreadnought type; tuning is stable and strong; 3-tone sunburst is a treat to look at.

not keen on the 'cowboy' scratchplate but thats a part of the j200 style (elvis I guess)

Excellent build. slightly heavy to hold down strings, very good electrics including an xlr output - great for recording.

I'd recommend this to anyone. Mine has the 'GG' prefix on the serial number (made in samick plant in Korea) which makes it a special edition from the Greg Bennett period. Having played 12 strings for over 20 years I think this is as good as anything with the big names on.

dezp rated this unit 5 on 2011-11-17.

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