Epiphone Excellente acoustic Reviews 5

Bought this from a dealer on the web it was a closeout paid 399.00 for it.It lists for over 1600.00

This is a fantastic guitar! This guitar has a Piano-like sustain to it.It is available in both violin sunburst or natural,(I have the sunburst!)If you like the classic gibson dreadnaught shaped guitar that is a joy to play and that projects like crazy! They are no longer available from epiphone but you can find them at great prices.This is a well made korean guitar but it sounds as good as any boutique dreadnaught out there!

Do not like the fact that you have to adjust the trussrod from inside the soundhole otherwise no complaints

it has a solid spruce top,a seven piece neck, mahogany back and sides, fancy cloud inlays,classic gibsonesque tuners,a massive rosewood bridge and probably one of the largest pickguards on a guitar I've ever seen (think Gibson Hummingbird).Construction is first rate and even the inside is neat and tidy. This is a substantial instrument (heavier like a guild).

I would recommend this guitar highly.It looks and sounds like a very expensive instrument.Fit and finish are top notch.If it sounds this good now I cannot wait for the wood to season it will sound outta this world.

Joe Gearitis rated this unit 5 on 2001-10-24.

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