Epiphone Les Paul Classic Signature Slash LTD Edition Reviews 5

well i purchased my slash brand new at a local dealer, actually the store i purchased it from got the very very last one available from epiphone in canada, pretty cool eh :). . . anyways i purchased it because im a large slash fan and i know now that i paid way way to much for it (1300 canadian) and to be honest with all the slashes i see still for sale from stores online all over the place i dont think i got the last one in canada. . . . .

regardless of the fact the store i bought it from took me for a ride on the price ((which would make most people quite mad)) i love this guitar and everything about it. . well most everything. . . ive never had a problem with the intonation . . sure it wasnt set up right when i recieved it but out came the tunner and in no time at all "perfection". . . as for fret buzz (as some have noted lots) my slash has never buzzed a single uzz. . . .

my disslikes for the guitar are for the most part cosmetic. . . first of all and the far worst is the picture of the snake pit logo on the body. . . . it looks great and all but you can see the image pixalate; now i shouldnt complain after all its the epiphone and not the gibson, the only other complaints are that the little cap on the pick up adjuster as well as the pick up surrounds and patch coard jack face plate should have been cream colored (((as a stock feature))) to match the strip along the outside of the body and neck. .

the construction seems great for the most part . . it stays in tune well if left unplayed ( which is highly unusual )and i've "" Never "" had any problems with pickups, switches, pots tunners etc etc. . which is more than i can say about my gibsons. .

This guitar definatley seems respectively close in quality to some of my other more expensive/comparable guitars: ie Gibson les pauls of diffent shapes and forms etc( you know the ones ). . now im not saying equal to, but im proud to hang em up there with his brothers haha. . . it definatley pulls its weight. . . so bottom line__good guitar . . just dont get stiffed when you buy it

Mark Pavelich rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-18.

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