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I purchased my Epiphone PR-350-12E used off of the internet. This guitar turned out to be a very, very good investment. I paid $220.00 plus shipping.

This guitar has a full rich sound that makes people stop what they are doing and listen to your playing. The action on most 12 strings is so high that you could almost use the guitar as a bow to shoot arrows. But not true of the Epiphone PR350-12E. I have played several different 12 string guitars at the local music shop. But none of them had the feel or sound that made me want to buy it. I had an opportunity to play an Epiphone PR-350-12E at a music store in a different city I was visiting. Right then I knew I wanted one. After thinking about it for a few days I started shopping for this guitar on the internet. Within no time I had found the one I wanted, asked the right questions, got the answers I was looking for; and I bought it.

The pick guard is of a Tortoise shell design. I would have prefered a basic Black Pick Guard

The Epiphone PR350-12E has a Select Spruce Top, Mahogany back and Sides with a natural finish along with Black edge banding on the Guitar body and Mother of Pearl Slit Diamond inlays on the rosewood fingerboard. The PR-350-12E has Chrome Hardware and a factory installed pickup mounted under the saddle with the Tone and Volume knobs within easy reach on the top front of the guitar. The pick guard is of a Tortoise shell design.

I now have 8 different guitars and this has to be my all time favorite. The action is smooth enough that you could almost play lead guitar

Jalapenojack rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-10.

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