Epiphone '56 Goldtop Re-issue Reviews 5

I bought this guitar brand new from Musicans friend for $599.

I walked into a "list price" dealer shop and played a Gibson Les Paul Standard and i aboslutely was dissapointed to be honest. My friend that was with me handed me a '56 goldtop that was on the rack beside it so i started to jam on it. I was impressed. Especially when I had been told by numerous people that Gibson was so much better. I was very pleased with Epiphone even over Gibson.

The only thing that I do not like about the unit is that it is so heavy. But honestly, what Les Paul isn't?

This guitar is very well made. All of the joints of the nect are un-noticable to touch. The finish is very high quality and consistant. This particular Guitar came with Grover tuners. For the most part, I quit tuning my guitar, because they hold such great tune. It's incredible.

The bottom line is, if you are an young aspiring guitar player, and you want some advice, buy a guitar that feels good to you, don't buy one that someone famous has. When you get down to it, Eddie Van Halen can walk into a guitar shop, and start jamming with the cheapest guitar and amp in the place, and who do you think he is gonna sound like? Himself. Epiphone is just as good, i feel, as their higher priced, overrated cousins other wise known as "Gibby's"

Josh McCowan rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-05.

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