Epiphone 58' Flying V Reissued Reviews 5

I was talkin to my giutar buddy bout worth to buy guitars, i needed a new one cause my epiphone les paul was stolen, and i had been playing a Squier bullet strat for bout a year, we both decided that i should get a 58' Flying V, it looks great, and sounds great. So i bought this guitar for $499.99, and i was lucky to get a nice case with this in the shape of a flying v.

I love this guitar, the shape, the gold, the tuners, everything about it...I'm a big fan of epiphone, and i say this is one of the best quality guitars out there. The clean sound is great, and as i do, hook it up to a boss heavy metal distortion pedal, it sounds GREAT!

At 1st when i was trying out this guitar, the sitting down posistion was annoying, im used o it now, and don't have any probelms with the guitar.

Because iw as playing with a bullet strat for bout a year, i was already used to those kinds of neck, the quality is great, and i dissagree with another guys review, it is easy to hit into furniture, but its not as delicate as you describe it to be.

If u wanna look great while playiung with great sound, this is a guitar for u, i have no regrets for buying this guitar, and i don't think i ever will.....i strongly reccomend this guitar.

Robert Connolly rated this unit 5 on 2004-10-04.

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