Epiphone Elite '63 DOT 335 Reviews 5

I actually bought this guitar new through ebay from an english shop. I suppose I really wanted a Gibson 335 but was stunned to find that it would cost me close to 3000 euros to get one, old or new. I've already got six guitars, mainly solid body(some custom made by chris Larkin, an irish luthier)but I wanted a bluesy, Carltonesque sound. Ruling out Gibson( for the moment anyway) I liked what I've heard about epi "dots" but noted that many folks changet the pu's and switches...but they were cheap (400 euros) I then came across ads for the elite range and liked the approach - good woods -hand finish -nickel -good pickups -looked like a serious pro guitar and I sourced one for 1,100 Euros and bought it

There's a tangible feel of quality to the guitar -reminds me of a Gibson Byrdland I owned once - really well finished. The setup is perfect for me. I played it acoustically for an hour or two straight out of the box - usually I have to tinker with the action etc. The sound is a real knockout ..the neck pu is very warm but still clear..turn down and it's a good country sound ( I play all styles each weekend in a wedding band) the middle mix is straight B.B. King..the neck is ...Clapton bluesy and Larry Carlton (hissing of summer lawns). I've played it through my 3 combos and it satisfies in all( boogie mk2-great, roland bluescube and marshall valvestate) I like the neck too..not too slim or narrow. I remember getting a loan of a gibson 335 1968 about 10 years ago and it didn't impress as much as the epi...but I could have bought it then for 400 pounds ..oh well!

The only thing that strikes me is that the chrome grovers are a different colour to the rest of the hardware which is nickel. I'd like "all-nickel". It's heavier than it looks but I suppose the sustain has to come from somewhere.

It's really high quality - equals the standard of finish that I remember from my Byrdland. Good sburst spray. good polished frets...obviously well looked at before shipping. Also a good hard case is included (as should be the norm with any good guitar)

Probably equivalent finish quality of Gibson custom shop, this is a Pro's guitar at one third the cost of the Gibson model

JMC rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-16.

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