Epiphone Elite SG61 Reviews 5

I bought this baby at a Canadian store (Seeing as I'm canadian, this makes sense) for about $1325.

The neck is the first thing I noticed, thin and easy to play with a GREAT division between frets. It's EXTREMLY light. The pickups have AMAZING tone for acoustic, but the real beauty is when you take these things electric, they GROWL, perfect for my style of Punk Rock..basically this guitar is good for nearly any rock/blues/jazz style. This has it all, amazing look, sound, and price. Made in Japan of hand selected high quality wood, this hting looks...well, basically "damn sexy".

The only thing I dislike about this is its "rhythm" pickup selection is no good for distortion..but you can just switch to treble and PROBLEM SOLVED!

Perfect, literally. It's a hot, well made, solid guitar. The neck is not a bolt-on, which is sexy as hell.

I love this guitar, great for rock (Hey, Angus from AC/DC can't be wrong!) and really just a solid awesome guitar.

Joel rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-20.

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