Epiphone Flying '58 Reissue Reviews 5

I bought this guitar for my son a year ago at Christmas from a local music shop for about $700 without case but included a gigbag for an acoustic guitar.

My son lets me use it and I was immediatly suprised to find that it has it's own sound .I assummed it was just a differnt shaped Les Paul , but it really does have a distinctive sound , a little brighter and cutting than the Les Paul. I am partial to big chunckie necks which is what this one has, lots to grab for bending.

I find the shape quite difficult to deal with unless it is strapped on because the little grip mounted on the bottom edge of the body is useless, also hard to find a case. Selecter switch ,as seems with just about all of the Epi's,is noisy and starting to give trouble.

This one is all black so I am not sure if it is Korina or Mahogany ,I've had Mahogany bodied axes before and they usually have a softer tone than this so I'm betting on Korina.Fit and finnish on this one is really top notch if I switched the name tag to Gibson I could probably fool a lot of old pros,butI haven't seen any others so I don't know if this consistant through the line.

My son wanted this one so he has to deal with the shape,but I wouldn't hesitate to take this out in a gig with it strapped on.I found it to be good quality well worth the money, although I probably could have got one at a lower price if I had had time to shop around.

Carson rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-24.

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