Epiphone LP 100 Reviews 4

Gutiar Center, Wolf RD. Albany, $325

This is a great Gutiar for the price. Picks are nice with a great clean and a good heavy Distortion. The body I love, vintage sunburst. The neck is rosewood, not maghogny, but thats ok because rosewood play well too.

My only complant is a small one about the cosmetics, I would have liked it if it came with the Gibson machine heads and the Trapziod inlays.

solid maple body, rosewood fret board, stock humbuckers, it's ALL good.

This is a gutiar for all levels of players that's all I have to say.

Joe O. rated this unit 4 on 2003-10-30.

I paid 300 us dollars for it and bought it off line

IT is smooth with the sound and feeling of a les paul without the price tag

i dislike little of this guitar, its just hard to get the sound u want out of the amp at first

the quality and construction could be mistaken for a gibson, great guitar

buy this guitar, great guitar for beginners to experts

Bill K rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-22.

Holiday Music Leytonstone, London. They have great customer service. 179 pounds- second hand

Well i've only been playing for three months now and i like the fact that this guitar didn't need to have anything done to it once it came home. I got a free setup from those cool guys at holiday and i'm pleased to report that there are no dead notes or fret buzzes. The quality of the stock humbuckers is really good for the price range, especially the treble one. With distortion this guitar can sound very aggressive and without you can get a clean blues sound. I play htrough a Peavey Rage and I love the sound. Also I think the guitar looks really nice.

The fact that it's made in Korea is the wordt think I can say about it although it's not necessarily such a bad thing. Also I don't like not having a whammy bar even though many consider it a gimmick, I think it's cool to have one.

This guitar will last you a lifetime if looked after well. It is certainly more well made than many Squiers i've seen and Peaveys in this price range. The finish is very glossy and gives the guitar a lovely classical look. It certainly looks more expensive than it is. However the pickguard seems quite flimsy and hangs above the main body.

All in all, i think that for the price this guitar is simply superb. I tried out a Peavey detonator and some Squiers. All were blown away by the powerful sound of this guitar. I recommend this guitar for a beginner or even an advanced player. Not being one myself I wouldn't know what you guys like.

Adnan Haque rated this unit 4 on 2001-12-02.

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