Epiphone LP X-treme Reviews 5

I bought this guitar because it was a closeout at MusiciansFriend.com for $246.99 when it is usually around $500 to $559 street value. like $799 list.

I love the rhythm pickup, very crunchy. clasic lp 4 knobs. mahogony body with figured maple top and really cool blue and yellow crackle. Antiqued plastic make it look a little older than it is. smooth tone pentominters or say it says have a very good taper and go to zero about 1/32 of a turn away from stoping turning. smooth finish on the neck is fun to use and the tuners are very solid as is the stop tailpiece tuno-o-matic for keeping in tune. much different inlays than any other lp with an E design. bindings are all solid and the top binding on the neck even has position dots!

The pickup selecter switch on mine is kinda acting wierd. I'm going to take it in to get repaired because it has a one year warranty on electronics. sometimes the pickups don't select and it goes very close to silent. Should be fixable so and when they work reguarlly they work awesomely. only real complaint is i wish the bridge pickup was a teeny bit hotter. but its pretty hot though. I just need a better amp.

this thing isn't for people who can't have something heavy around your neck. I weighed it out of curiosity and it was like 9 lbs. all that weight means sustain sustain sustain though.

the deal I got was awesome but its all out now. just wish it didn't need a little repair. but soon as its fixed it'll be my favorite guitar. What more can you ask for than a great sounding and looking guitar at a great price. an lp under 600 dollars alone is a rare find.

Michael Holthausen rated this unit 5 on 2002-02-24.

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