Epiphone Left Handed Sheraton II Reviews 5

I first fell in love with the look and style of the semi-acoustic guitar. I had always fancied one but wasn't sure whether the sound would also satisfy me. After having played both lead and rhythm on the guitar in the shop, I knew this was the guitar for me. Warm sounding with a hint of acoustic and a really nice neck shape which fits my hand brilliantly.

The selector switch for Rhythm/Treble began working intermittently a day after I purchased it. My friend who owns the Noel Gallagher signature Epiphone model also had the same problem. However, a quick squirt of WD-40 later, the problem was resolved.

Overall built quality superb despite selector switch problem. Amazing paint finish and no visible flaws in wood or paint. First class.

To any left (or right) handed players thinking about owning a semi instead or in addition to any solid bodies should look at this amazing model. Although slightly higher priced than a 335, the money is well worth it. Amazing looks, sound and feel!

Rich Ellis rated this unit 5 on 2002-07-19.

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