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I got the Wine Red Quilt top back in 2007, played it stock for a year then changed up the action and did some basic setting up and I still love this guitar. I currently own a Gibson Les Paul Studio and this guitar is easily its match. The quilt top itself is kind of hard to notice in a dark lighting but when you get it in a bright light, the beauty really shows through. The neck is incredibly fast for a budget guitar and the humbuckers can keep up with them without getting too muddled (well, the rhythm humbucker not so much but if you just adjust the hight of the pick up you can get it to sing better). I use this guitar mostly for Hardcore, Metal and Hard Rock through a Fender Twin and it sounds great.

I got this guitar from Musiciansfriend.com for about $400 new on sale (it was usually 550-600) because I needed an upgrade from an Ibanez Gio (a cheap throwaway) and loved the look of the quilt tops, but they were out of the Trans Blue, so I went for the red.


-Fast neck -Great Pickups -Durable -Holds tuning

-Heavy. -The jack is kinda iffy at times, but all guitars I have encountered develop this problem sooner or later. -CHANGE OUT THE STOCK STRINGS. YOUR FINGERS WILL BLEED.

As I said before, this is a VERY durable guitar and there were no blemishes when I bought it, nor were there any finishing errors of any sort. This guitar has lasted 4 years and with the kind of abuse I've given it, I'm surprised that it's not in shambles right now. The quality is fairly good for a guitar that is less than a third of Gibson's budget Les Pauls.

Great Guitar. Love it Love it Love it. Great for medium players and even some advanced players. I know I use it as a back up at least during gigs. I highly recommend this guitar.

Mithanderleso rated this unit 4 on 2010-03-16.

I a purchased this guitar from Musicians Friend for $399.00 on clearance. They now have it marked at $499.00. (blue)

This guitar is very nice. I have owned 2 Ibanez's, a Krammer, and a Schecter, and this guitar is by far the nicest sounding of all of them. I have plaid a friends Gibson LP and the feel is exactly the same. I had read quite a few reviews before purchasing and took the advice of ordering new pickups with it right away. I put in a Gibson 500T and a 496R in the same day that I recieved the guitar. The original Gibson desingned pickups did sound good, but once I put in the new pickups the sound was incredible. The guitar plays very nice, good action. It came stock with Grover tuners and a Tune O Matic bridge, so I have had no problems wiht it staying in tune. The finish is beautiful. I could not find any flaws in it at all.

The only thing that I don't like about the guitar is the toggle switch. All the reviews about it beeing junk are true. I can tell that it is not going to last long before it breaks and quits working.

The construction is very sound. It had a nice, heavy feel to it. Everything was put together very well and set up nicely. The only thing I had to adjust was the height of the strings. Other than that the guitar came ready to play right out of the box.

This guitar is definelty worth the price. I do not agree with the reviews that state all Epi.LP's are junk. This guitar is very solid and sounds incredible. Even if you don't replace the pickups it sounds good. I would definetly recomend this guitar to someone.

Brutus rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-01.

I purchased this guitar from the Musicians Friend web site for a laughable $399.99 and they ate the shipping charge. This is my 3rd ELP Classic. My first one (amber birdseye maple) was destroyed in a tornado and the second (heritage cherry sunburst birdseye maple)was a long awaited replacement. I purchased this quilt top (amber) for the beauty of the wood and the playablity if the "classic" neck. What a steal!

The guitars finish and overall look is outstanding. No glue, no pot marks, no over or under spray. I had every intension of dropping some "Gibson" original pickups in this guitar but after 10 or so hours of playing it that move is on hold. I have replaced every ELP I have with "Gibson" pickups. I play the 496R/500T Jimmy Page combination, the 490R/490T combination and a 490R/498T combination. I can not believe how good these stock pickups sound. I keep switching guitars to make sure I'm not hallucinating. She also came with "Grover" tuning machines so no change out needed there. Can you hear me laughing?!

There is nothing derogatory I can say about this guitar and I will refrain from talking about my unit.

As I mentioned above the quality of the finish and these upgraded components are fantastic. The frets are smooth and polished. The binding is perfect and the factory setup was right on.

I have been playing for over 25 years and have never seen a value that approaches this one. If you are a Les Paul lover you now have a new squeeze. Classic Les Paul tone plus a beautiful look that is built to last. I love the Gibson Les Paul's but it is very hard to justify their cost when Epiphone makes a guitar this nice at this price.Epiphone has set a new standard! I hope yours is as nice as mine.

Jeff in OKC rated this unit 5 on 2003-07-09.

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