Epiphone Les Paul Custom Flame Top Reviews 4

Bought it from a Singapore guitar dealer to replace my old cheap guitar. I simply just cant resist the warm fat tone of a Les Paul. And yes, I paid SG$650 for it which is about US$375. Its brand new.

The cherry sunburst body together with the gold hardware looks great. The tone definitely beats my old guitar and is expected of a Les Paul. My friend who owned a Gibson Les Paul commented that theres very little difference in the feel except the quality of the crafting of the guitar.

The pickup switch looks frail and breaks easily. Gold hardware requires regular polishing to prevent tarnish.

Its pretty alright consider the price I paid for it. You wouldnt want to drop a Les Paul anyway.

Its a good alternative if you cant afford those expensive Gibson Les Paul. A good choice if you are on a budget upgrade of your old guitar. I giving it a rating of 4 otherwise you cant rate the Gibson's version of Les Paul.

Happyman rated this unit 4 on 2003-03-05.

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