Epiphone Les Paul Custom SG 400 Reviews 5

I obtained this guitar from ebay I all ways wanted 1 and by the time i could get 1 they quit making them I got a steal at $385.00 with the hard shell case

This guitar has a killer sound and lighting speed ( so far about .9 mach). I have never had a guitar that is this fast.

There is nothing that I do not like about this guitar. As soon as I got it my 335 and my gold top went right back into thier cases.

set neck rosewood fret board walnut body gold hardware quality is a 10 out 10, mint with the hang tags and all

This is the guitar of my dreams. I am an epiphone collector ( dot,gold top,explorer, flying v, shearton, firebird VII, the lost mod) I have other gibson and such, but i find that for the money you get the same bang for the buck. Some will argue, but with the advance in tech toys, gibson/epiphone no one can tell

Moose Stidham rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-13.

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