Epiphone Les Paul Quilt Top Reviews 5

I paid 499 dollars for this guitar at musicians friend's website.

I think this guitar is my best buy. It arrived in perfect condition from Oregon. The Epiphone stock pickups sound great! I also like how this guitar stays in tune for such long periods of time. The fingerboard feels great against my fingers! I like everything about this guitar and i dont plan on modifying it much for a long time.

There is nothing that i dont like about this guitar. The only thing i took off was the pickguard because it was weak and flimsy. Other than that, this guitar is great!

As i said before, this guitar arrived at my house in perfect condition. It seems to be very well built. I bonked it up on my computer chair several times that would have probably broken my other guitars! This is a very sturdy guitar.

This guitar is great for and moderate guitar player. It has an extremely good value. This guitar feels exactly like a Gibson Les Paul. I suggest that any Les Paul lover should get this guitar.

Aquip rated this unit 5 on 2004-11-09.

I got this fuckin monster at the guitar, amp and keyboard center in Brighton, England. I have owned quite a few epiphone les pauls in my short time playing the guitar (5 years) and i was looking to buy another one when a friend of mine informed me of this fuckin hot guitar he had played on. So i went to check it out and jesus he was right. It was in blood red and has the classic gibson sound i was looking for. it stayed in tune perfectly and it just basicly played like a real gibson. i got it at a steal at 300 pounds.

Every thing about this guitar is so good apart from the 3-way toggle swich which i replaced and i also put in a set of EMG-85's because i was looking for a zakk wylde type of sound. Basiclly it rules.

The 3-way toggle switch was abit anoying at first cause it kept fuckin up but apart from that this guitar is so worth it.

I have beeen known around my area for being a bit of a nutter when playin in a gig, i have smashed this guitar so many times against amp galor and solid floors this thing is fuckin unbreakable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ummmmmmmm lets see it was definitaly worth it.

chuggy rated this unit 5 on 2002-11-30.

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