Epiphone Les Paul Siganture Reviews 5

I bought this axe from a friend who owns a music store in Dallas, Tx. I had never seen such an animal so I had to have one for my collection. I gave $600.00 cash plus another $50.00 for a case.

It's 335 with a Les Paul style lower cut away. It is alot lighter than any 335's I've held. Maybe because it doesn't have a solid block running all the way through the body. It has cool chicken knobs for an in and out of phase control and a 50,250,500 control. One master each for volume and tone. Pickup selector is located on upper horn (like a Paul's). A pretty clean finish job, the one I got is black w/ cream binding. Low impiedence pickups sound pretty cool from rock to country. It is a very quiet guitar because of the pick ups I guess.

I have already had to replace the pick up switch because the old one went south one night at a gig. Other than that I really haven't had any other problems.

Set neck, vintage style tuners, cream binding on the body and neck. Even though it's "overseas made" it seems to be put together pretty well. I have seen no major flubs on this one.

If you have a gig at one of "those" clubs where the wiring in the room buzzez you off stage this is a good alternative. Goes from twanky clean to warm humbucker with the turn on the 50,250,500 control pot. It's a nice axe that doesn't wieght you down like a 335.

Dennis Lehew rated this unit 5 on 2001-11-30.

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