Epiphone Les Paul Std QuiltTop Reviews 4

The blood red finish is a real gem and the quilt finish is worthy of PRS. The inlays inlays are trapazoid and look cool, and the neck is fast and really smooth action all the way up the neck. There's just too many good things about it. The pick-ups are no problem at all. Was gonna change them for Gibsons but theres just no need. No hum whatsoever, just ready to rock.

There's nothing to dislike really, only that its an Epiphone and not a Gibson.

As a whole the quality is excellent. A finish almost to rival a PRS. Ok, maybe not quite but its close and it cost a fraction of the price. All the hardware is spot on, excellent Grover tuners, Gibson designed pick ups, and man when you turn the volume up do they scream!! Authentic tones like you want.

I would recommend this axe to anyone who wants that sort of tone cos you just can't warrant the extra money for the difference in sound. And if you get picky just replace the pickups and your away again. Proper 'bo, I tell thee.

Edwardinio rated this unit 4 on 2003-11-29.

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